Neural Network Configurable Aimbot for FPS games with custom training mode ︻デ═一

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b00m-h3adsh0t! 🔷

Neural Network Configurable Aimbot for First-Person-Shooter Games in C/C++ Note: Aimbots are cheats and illegal in gaming leagues. This repo is solely for educational purposes only.

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Table of Contents 🔷


Aimbot Neural Network 🔷

Neural Network Model Training Recognition 🔷

Deep Reinforcement Learning

Q-Learning Adaptation

Dynamic Bayesian Network

How a normal aimbot works 🔷

How b00m-h3adsh0t works 🔷

Security and Efficiency Game Server 🔷

Player Behavior Statistics 🔷

Refer to playerdata.h file

User Privacy 🔷

Player Attacks 🔷

Glitches and Modifications 🔷

B00m-h3adsh0t! is a single architecture neural network configurable aimbot for first-person shooting (FPS) games. We introduced a method to augment a deep reinforcement q-learning model with high-level game information, and feature implementation. We showed that b00m-h3adsh0t! model is able to outperform built-in bots as well as human players and demonstrated the generalizability of our model to do game glitches and modifications.

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